Our team is here to help your team
create a better shopping experience


The REVEAL team is committed to helping mattress retailers acquire the knowledge and skills it takes to gain maximum value from using the system. We offer training packages including online e-training modules and on-site training. User documentation is provided with every system which details set-up and usage. REVEAL also allows you to customize your system with messaging specific to your store’s sales process.


Ongoing Support

From the minute you get in touch with us, we’re here to help you organize your system as well as support its ongoing use at the retail level. Our trained technical support team are available by phone Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm (Mountain Standard Time). You can also use our contact form and we’ll respond within one business day. Pocket Guides & User Manuals included in your system purchase can be used on the sales floor to support your team ongoing.

Delivery & Set-up

From the time we receive your order, it takes three to four weeks to ship your REVEAL system. Installation and on-site training takes less than a day. The system is easy to use and easy to manage but we can work with your team to ensure set-up is exactly the way you want it on the retail floor and easy for customers to see and access.

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