REVEAL Wireless Mattress Recommendation Solution – Wireless Tablet Model
March 5, 2020

The REVEAL tablet option provides an engaging way for your sales team to improve the mattress shopping experience and quickly find the right mattress for your customers. The easy-to-use software comes installed on a reliable Microsoft® Surface tablet and connects via Bluetooth® to the test mattress. Use it stand-alone or cast it wirelessly to any modern television.

With dynamic, high-quality visual images, customers see what they feel and understand how the right mattress will provide the best support and comfort for their unique body.

The REVEAL tablet system provides mobility for your sales staff to easily engage with customers. It allows your sales team to capture and explain their body pressure image and share personalized results that provide accurate and unbiased mattress recommendations to test.

The system requires limited floorspace and is compatible with single and queen test mattresses, ideal for small footprint stores. Using the customizable software and video options, REVEAL reinforces your brand, building and strengthening the relationship with your customer.

Today’s mattress shopper is educated and seeking an in-store experience that builds on their online research. Equip your sales team and let REVEAL augment your store experience with a multi-sensory interaction for your customers.

Experiences that build customer confidence have become the difference between shopping and purchasing.